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Take your workout seriously

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The Myonix Workout App

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Myonix PT Presentation

There’s a tool for PT’s as well!

Please contact us for a free trial!

Myonix PT Features

All Types of Exercises

Myonix offers exercises for cardio and strength in various mixes, but also workout classes and general sports

Device of Choice

The PT interface is web based, screen size responsive and touch friendly

Remote Coaching

Synched in the Myonix cloud. Coach your clients remotely at your level of choice


Follow up on your clients progress and workout frequency

Add personal notes

Two-way communication with users, per exercise

Exercise Sets

Arrange frequently clustered exercises in sets, for easier planning

Full Exercise Library

All additional (normally in-app purchasable) exercise packs are included

Easy Client Connections

Coach-request existing Myonix members by email

Myonix Contact

Please get in touch with us for additional information about Myonix PT.
Myonix PT, and the Myonix system as a whole, is adaptable for B2B fitness and coaching purposes in a variety of forms, such as whitelabeling versions.

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